Assault: Nigerian Women Reject Senator Abbo’s Apology, Take Matter To United Nation.

Women don Vex oh!

1. In all this their Protest, they have not come to realise that it’s not safe for the woman to keep working in that adult S.x toy shop.

2. They have not secured her a quality job so that she wont meet people like Hon. Elisha Abbo in such situation in the future.

3. This woman in question, cant she forgive and tell this great supporters to let go.

4. Hon Elisha Abbo, use your brain and meet your God fathers to elevate this woman to another level.

Because this women are not thinking towards that line.

They dont care if she keeps working there to endanger her life and that of the baby

Common sense is not Common!

Lastly, we should learn how to give genuine support instead of preferring to pull down people at all cost.

Be careful how you allow people give you support that makes you famous without adding value to your life.

Nigeria we hail thee!

From G Yakie Empire

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