_It’s about service to humanity_

United Nations in November 2009-in recognition of Nelson Mandela’s contributions to the culture of peace, freedom, promotion of human rights, his values and dedication to the service of humanity declared every 18th July as Nelson Mandela International Day. UN invite world leaders, and everyone of us to mark the day by making a difference in our communities. This is because everyone has the ability and the responsibility to change the world for the better! Mandela Day is an occasion for all of us to take action and inspire change.

“It is easy to break down and destroy. The true heroes are those who make peace and build for the good of humanity”

*As an intellectual Association, we will be marking the UN Mandela Day 18th July* by organizing PGSA Community Service Day. It is to raise awareness for service to humanity beginning in our communities. Lets devote our lives to the service of humanity in the areas of:
Conflict resolution, race relations, gender equality, reconciliation/peaceful coexistence, promotion of social justice, human rights, raise awareness against environmental degradation, rape, suicide, corruption and promote the culture of peace and strives for academic excellence.

_We all should be driven by:_
(1) Generosity and philanthropic gestures to better the lives of others
(2) Value addition to the Society
(3) Promotion of peace and scholarly strives

*The Plan*
We will divide ourselves into groups and each group will handle a component of the program.
(1) Sanitation and Environmental preservation
(2) Academic mentorship
(3) Road traffic control
(4) Anti-corruption and transparency in governance
(5) Gender equality and human rights
(6) Drug Abuse
(7) Depression and suicide

*Items Required:*
(1) 200 copies of T-shirt
(2) 200 copies of Face Cap
(3) 20 pieces of Reflectors jackets
(4) 20 Waste baskets
(5) 20 Mopping sticks and rubbers
(6) Provision of road signage & direction
(7) Light refreshment

Awards will be given to a few persons who have distinguished themselves in the support of social justice and elevation of human dignity in all spheres of life.

For and on behalf of the leadership of the Post Graduate Students Association of Rivers State University.

*Shepherd Fubara*
*President, PGSA*

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